T.H.E. Range of flies 

The must have flies when fishing that special venue

I promised something special was on its way.

Well here it is!... the subject of so many hours of development! 

The T.H.E Range  From Easthope flies

Pictured is T.H.E Iron Blue Dunn (Twin Hackle Easthope’s Iron Blue Dunn) 

A fresh take on a true dry fly. The only contact with the water is the dedicated Eastie’s postless parachute on the underneath of the fly representing the legs, The wing is a mirrored hackle that sits directly above the first.

Presentation is perfect every time as the fly will roll on the half globe hackle to self right itself. As if that wasn’t enough the hook is also clearly out of sight .... nothing to spook suspicious fish!

So proud of this one. The work is already underway to make a full range of upwing dunns appearing on Brittish waters. 

What about the spinners? Well there are plans there too, watch this space!


Flies of the month... July

The trouts diet is ever changing, Many who believe they have found "The Fly" are disapionted as the conditions alter and the focus of our scaled friends changes. The saying goes "you are only as good as your next performance. so make sure you go equiped!

July is a lovely time to visit the water, the weather is more likely to suit us, the longer days offer more opportunity for  sport and fly life is at its peak,

  1. Emerging B.W.O. this little fellow is the source of much confusion. first of all it is a fly of flowing water, which will be of somewhat a surprise to the reservoir angler that swears by it! the term Blue wing olive references 5 different species, only one of which occurs in the U.K. but it is certainly not a rare sight. this emerging fly is definitely one to have in the box
  2. Pin fry. I'm often surprised by the lack of priority put on this fly. when you consider the pure numbers of these little fellows that are naturally occurring its no wonder the fish can become fixated. but remember size is key. pin fry are the very young, small fry often seen nudging the surface in the margins
  3. soldier palmer. A general dry fly but one that rewards the angler that has faith in it. it is a very high floating pattern due to the dense hackle, this provides the angler with the ability to inject more life compared to those delicate presentation flies. often a trigger that the fish can not resist


Flies of the month... June

The trouts diet is ever changing, Many who  believe they have found "The Fly" are disapionted as the conditions alter and the focus of our scaled friends changes. The saying goes "you are only as good as your next performance. so make sure you go equiped!

It is June and we are right in the thick of it, the Mayfly (Danica) hatch has started, damsels are out and the evening rise is on! so what's next on the list? well we can certainly expect to see these fellows 

  1. Emerging Ceanis, otherwise known as the anglers curse. well this hatch has certainly seen anglers leave the water disillusioned, the difficulty to match this fly is largely (yes i'm being ironic) down to size.
  2. PTN Nymph, moving away from the action on the  surface to concentrate on what is happening further down in the water column. the pheasant tail nymph is the a natural and time served pattern that is designed to mimic the in smaller sizes its perfect for rivers while lager sizes will do well in still waters and reservoir venues
  3. Copper John, the roots of this pattern are firmly in the U.S.A but like so many successful patterns it has travelled well and is relied on by many this side of the pond, its wieght is useful for a nymphing approach both on still waters, and rivers. 

Sybai flat wire is an inspiration 

A product range can only be improved by this superb material 

It is certainly true that wire has been a fundamental part of fly tying for a very long time.

so it amazed us that such a small change could have such a massive impact. well we've played about with this product so much and we not been bored for a second, we have created some awesome alternative patterns with it though 

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